Pournami Lottery RN-312 Result Live | പൗർണമി Kerala Lottery Result 5.11.2017

Pournami Lottery RN312 Result 5.11.2017 Live Alerts!!! Pournami RN 312 Kerala Lottery Result Live Updates available from 3.00 P.M. The Directorates of Kerala State Lotteries declare Kerala Lottery Result Today 5.11.2017. Kerala Lottery Guessing Number along with Kerala 3 Number Lottery Result for Pournami Lottery (RN-312) available here. Download Today Pournami Lottery Result RN312 Pdf & check Kerala Lottery Most Winning Numbers in it. Kerala Lottery Department announces 5th November 2017 Pournami Lottery Results at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium, Kerala. On Sunday, Kerala Pournami Lottery Result Today RN 312 will release at 4.00 P.M. If you already made a Pournami Kerala Lottery ticket purchase, then it’s the time to view Kerala State Lottery Results Pournami RN-312. Verify the Kerala Lottery Lucky Number Today in the Pournami Lottery RN 312 Result. Let’s have a look on 5th November 2017 Kerala Lottery Ticket Result in the following sections.

5.11.2017 Kerala Lottery Result Today – Pournami Lottery Result RN312

Prize I – Rs. 6,500,000/-

(Sixty-Five Lakhs)

RO 735646 (KOTTAYAM)

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Consolation Prize – Rs. 10,000/-

(Ten Thousand Rupees)

RN 735646

RP 735646

RR 735646

RS 735646

RT 735646

RU 735646

RV 735646

RW 735646

RX 735646

RY 735646

RZ 735646

Prize II – Rs. 500,000/-

(Five Lakh Rupees)

RU 274437 (THRISSUR)

Prize III – Rs. 100,000/-

(One Lakh Rupees)

RR 822865 (THRISSUR)
RS 108979 (WAYANAD)
RU 822547 (THRISSUR)
RY 553540 (IDUKKI)
RZ 639671 (KANNUR)

(For the പൗർണമി ലോട്ടറി RN312 Kerala Lottery Ticket Results ending with following numbers)

Prize IV – Rs. 5,000/-

(Five Thousand Rupees)

0469 0705 2416 2426 3933
6744 8658 8699 8751

Prize V – Rs. 2,000/-

(Two Thousand Rupees)

0786 2023 2254 3549 4014
4208 4387 5267 7236 8366
8820 9031

Prize VI – Rs. 1,000/-

(One Thousand Rupees)

0206 0897 0981 1047 1299
1409 1502 1542 2082 2318
2424 3150 4060 4129 4434
4792 5672 6282 6409 6689
7248 7437 7446 7596 7666
8006 8148 8956 9049 9193
9237 9529

Prize VII – Rs. 500/-

(Five Hundred Rupees)

0084 0276 0949 1071 1130
1385 1648 1734 2210 2228
2464 2717 3488 3629 3671
3819 4108 4188 4668 4937
5049 5146 5279 5355 5680
5701 5722 5766 5795 6153
6320 6623 6696 6970 7085
7104 7513 7708 7745 8344
9061 9703

Prize VIII – Rs. 100/-

(One Hundred Rupees)

0024 0319 0324 0374 0604
0611 0655 0724 0959 0979
1020 1154 1176 1211 1457
1529 1547 1661 1764 1795
1807 2094 2224 2376 2456
2642 2706 2924 3056 3166
3517 3638 4228 4297 4418
4537 4577 4590 4919 4965
4991 5533 5590 5700 5811
5861 5894 6048 6128 6693
6773 6819 6940 6967 7106
7171 7412 7514 7659 7781
7791 8028 8031 8163 8211
8340 8359 8511 8570 8592
8864 8969 8974 9000 9020
9057 9144 9249 9288 9446
9525 9672 9853 9944

Pournami Lottery RN 312 Result

Kerala Lottery Today Result Live Updates for Pournami Lottery RN312 Result uploaded for all the active participants. Kerala State Government release the Pournami Lottery Result Today RN 312 at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram. This ഞായർ (Sunday), between 4.00 P.M. – 4.15 P.M., you will get the 5.11.2017 Kerala Lottery Result. At 3.00 P.M., the Kerala Lottery 3 Digit Result for Pournami RN 312 Lottery releases. Check Pournami RN312 Kerala Lottery Ticket Result with the help of Kerala Lottery Number Calculator. With the help of Today Kerala Lottery Result 5.11.2017 Pdf, you can easily find out your Pournami Lottery Winning Numbers. The Kerala Lottery Details that we have mentioned about Pournami Lottery Results (RN-312) here as per the Kerala Lottery Department. Kerala State Lottery Result available here.

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Pournami Lottery RN312 Result – Kerala Lottery Results Pournami

Is your Pournami Lottery RN 312 Ticket purchase completed? And now eagerly waiting for Pournami Lottery Today Result? We at keralalottery.co.in, provide the Pournami Kerala Lottery Today Result Live @ 3.00 P.M. Check Kerala Lottery Number Prediction for Today Kerala Lottery Results, i.e., Pournami Lottery Result (RN-312) here. Pournami Lottery is one among the 7 weekly lotteries which offer a prize money of 65 Lakh Rupees. Most of the Kerala State citizens are actively taking part in these Kerala State Lotteries. Also, the Pournami Lottery Ticket costs just 30 Rupees. So, anyone can buy the പൗർണമി Kerala Lottery Ticket irrespective of age. Last Week Kerala Pournami Lottery Result RN311 uploaded here. Get the Kerala Lottery Last Three Number Tips for Pournami Lottery RN 312. For the updated information regarding Kerala Lottery Ticket Result, just refresh the Pournami Lottery Result RN312 page.

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The most awaited moment for all the contestants right now is 5.11.2017 Kerala Lottery Result Today Pournami release. Finally, your wait is going to over because the day has arrived. The Kerala State Lottery Department release November 1st Sunday Kerala Lottery Today Result as early as possible. Full 5.11.2017 പൗർണമി ലോട്ടറി Kerala State Lottery Results RN312 available here. Kerala Lottery Results Today Pdf Download available in the following sections to check Pournami Lottery Results (RN-312). For the Kerala Lottery Official Result 1st prize- winner, Kerala Lottery Department provides Sixty Five Lakh Rupees.  In brief, there are 8 prizes along with a consolation prize of Rs. 10,000/-. From 65 Lakhs to 100 Rupees is the prize money for the Pournami Lottery RN312 Result. Also, view the Yesterday Kerala Lottery Result, i.e., Karunya Lottery KR318.

Pournami Lottery RN312 Result

Pournami Lottery Result Today RN 312 Pdf – പൗർണമി Lottery Kerala Results

To find Kerala Lottery Most Winning Numbers more easily, then it is possible with the Pournami Lottery Results Today. With the help of Kerala Lottery Result Today Pdf, you can search you Pournami Lottery Lucky Number (RN-312). What’s there in the Pournami Lottery Result Pdf? It is the most arising question in all the Pournami RN 312 Lottery participants. This Pournami Kerala Lottery Result 5.11.2017 Pdf includes all the necessary information such as the Pournami Lottery Winning Numbers, ticket numbers, Kerala Lottery Prize Structure and so on. Kerala Lottery Most Winning Numbers Tomorrow, i.e., Win Win  Lottery W433 Result provided. Bring lots of luck to your home through the Pournami Lottery RN312 Result. If you miss the chance in Today Kerala Lottery Result, then don’t worry there are other keralalotteries too. Find the error-free Kerala Lottery Today Results (RN-312).

Download Pournami Lottery Results RN312 Pdf


Kerala Lottery result Download Image

Pournami RN 312 Kerala State Lottery Result Pdf

Pournami Kerala Lottery Today Result Live Updates starts from 3.00 P.M. For the complete Pournami Lottery RN 312 Result, stick to our website. At www.keralalotteries.com, the Kerala Lottery Ticket Result Pournami RN 312. We, the team of keralalottery.co.in, providing the Kerala Lottery Official Pournami Lottery Result Today RN312 Pdf. Few of the people don’t know how to check the Today’s Kerala Lottery Result 5.11.2017 If you are the one among them, then our team at providing the simple steps to view the Pournami Lottery Winning Numbers (RN-312).

How to check 5.11.2017 Pournami Lottery Results RN312?

  1. First, visit the Kerala Lottery Official Website —-> www.keralalotteries.com
  2. After that, look for Result tab in the home page.
  3. If you get it then open the tab, you find the Latest 10 Kerala State Lottery Results there.
  4. Do a search of Today Pournami Lottery Result RN312 among them.
  5. Click on the View link provided beside the Kerala Lottery Results Today Pournami RN 312.
  6. Today Kerala Lottery Results 5.11.2017 Pournami RN-312 Pdf will be opened.
  7. Check your Pournami Lottery Winning Number RN 312 in the Kerala Lottery Today Results Pdf.
  8. Save the Pournami RN312 Kerala Lottery Result Pdf File for the further reference.
Kerala Lottery Ticket Result – Pournami Lottery Results Today RN312

Friends, the clock is ticking to 4.00 P.M. It means the Kerala State Government is ready to release the Today Kerala Lottery Result 5.11.2017. So, don’t go anywhere. Check Kerala Lottery Results Today Pdf provided here. All the Today Pournami Lottery Result winners are advised to verify the Kerala Pournami Lottery winning numbers with the official Kerala Lottery Ticket Results 5.11.2017 Pournami Lottery. After that check surrender those Pournami Lottery RN312 Result winning tickets to Kerala Lottery Department within 30 days. Also, the Pournami Lottery Result Today RN312 prize-holders should claim the prize money before the completion of the grace period, i.e., from 5.11.2017 to 5.12.2017. Visit our website regularly to collect the latest & updated information regarding Kerala State Lottery Results of other weekly lotteries.

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