Pournami RN 288 Lottery Result 21-5-2017 | പൌര്‍ണമി Kerala Lottery Result Live

Pournami Lottery RN 288 Result 21.5.2017: Find Today Pournami Lottery Results RN 288 declared by the Kerala State Lotteries officials at 4.30 pm, Sri Chitra Home Auditorium. Have you purchased a ticket for Kerala Lottery for Pournami and now in search of Results? If your answer is yes, then consider yourself lucky. Get Kerala Lottery Result 21.5.2017 Pournami series draw 288th announced by the Kerala State Government through its official Medium www.keralalotteries.com. In this article, you can get the latest updates on Kerala Lottery Today guessing the number for Pournami 21.5.2017. Today Pournami Kerala lottery RN288 result draw will hold afternoon at 4.30 pm.

Today Kerala Lottery Result 21.5.2017 – Pournami Lottery Result RN 288

On Every (ഞായർ) Sunday Kerala Lottery Result Pournami Today announced by the Directorates Kerala State Lotteries in the state itself. Refresh this Kerala Lottery result 21.5.2017 page to view latest updates on Pournami RN 288 Kerala Lottery Today lucky number. Check out the Today Pournami Lottery Results (RN-288) are available here for your easy access.  Use this Live updates on Kerala Lottery Results Today 21.5.2017 RN 288 Results. In this site, we update the Kerala Pournami Lottery Result every week along with a list of all Kerala State Lottery Pournami Result 288.

Pournami Lottery RN 288 Result 21.5.2017 – www.keralalotteries.com

1st Prize- Rs. 6,500,000/ (Sixty-Five Lakh Rupees)


2nd Prize Rs 500,000/ (Five Lakh Rupees)

RZ 205225 (KOLLAM)

3rd Prize Rs. 10,000/- (Ten Thousand Rupees)


(For the Tickets ending with the following Pournami RN 288 Lottery Ticket Numbers)


4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/- (Five Thousand Rupees)

0354 2521 3313 3744 4190

5208 5789 8231 8326 8881

5th Prize- Rs. 2,000/- (Two Thousand Rupees)

1410 5237 5403 5660 5707

5814 6899 9552 9572 9928

6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/- (One Thousand Rupees)

0672 0970 1695 2247 2484

2840 2977 2983 3265 3801

3931 4000 4485 4599 5547

5616 5884 6377 6457 6469

6866 7137 7166 8098 8459


7th Prize- Rs. 500/- (Five Hundred Rupees)

0162 0204 0499 0828 0972

0981 1286 1935 1939 2319

2580 2612 2963 3054 3135

3330 4071 4783 4828 4852

5266 5355 5682 5959 6439

7077 7671 7824 8056 8119

8169 8464 8567 8763 8836


8th Prize- Rs. 100/- (One hundred Rupees)

0045 0148 0290 0419 0545

0650 0659 0695 0706 0715

0797 0913 1091 1097 1115

1119 1236 1322 1543 1564

1688 2038 2304 2364 2377

2384 2855 3099 3261 3279

3427 3846 4460 4719 4988

5206 5334 5347 5404 5440

5710 5731 5739 6040 6248

6323 6335 6475 6666 6915

7011 7079 7130 7161 7437

8176 8270 8334 8359 8475

8517 8583 8692 9036 9052

9115 9313 9438 9441 9623

Consolation Prize of Kerala Pournami 288 Lottery – Rs. 10,000/- (Ten Thousand Rupees)

RM 588604

RO 588604

RP 588604

RS 588604

RT 588604

RU 588604

RW 588604

RY 588604

RZ 588604

Pournami Lottery result 21.5.2017 image

Check Kerala State Pournami Lottery RN 288 draw Prize Money Structure Kerala 3 number Lottery Result details. The Kerala Lotteries government department held Pournami Lottery draw on every ഞായർ (Njayar) 4.30 PM. Now in our site www.keralalottery.co.in, you can get Today Kerala Lottery Results RN 288 which is officially declared by the Kerala State Lottery department. Kerala Lottery Today Result Pournami RN 288 Lottery draw will conduct by Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries on 4.30pm.

RN288 Kerala Lottery Result Today – Pournami Lottery 288 Result 21.5.2017

Let us have a look at the updated Kerala Lottery Results Today Pournami RN 288 which from Kerala Sate Lottery official site www.keralalotteries.com. Live Kerala Lottery results for Pournami Lottery 288 will announce today at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium. You can also get this Sunday (ഞായർ) today Kerala Lottery Pournami (RN-288) Result PDF which is released on 21st May 2017 at Thiruvananthapuram. The Kerala Lottery ticket Pournami 288 price is just Rs. 50 but the Kerala Lotteries presents a Prize money of Sixty-Five Lakh Rupees for Pournami Lottery first prize winner. Check out the Pournami Lottery Results Today along with prize structure in the following section.

Kerala Lottery Results Pournami 288 Draw post here soon as declared by the officials keralalotteries.com. Check Kerala Lottery Pournami Result along with the prize money details in this article. The First prize of Kerala Lottery Result Today Pournami RN 288 Sixty Five Lakh Rupees. Pournami Lottery RN 288 Results PDF link are Available here for your easy access. Refer Kerala State Lottery Pournami RN 288 Result. The Pournami Lottery Today draw held at ശ്രീ ചിത്ര ഹോം ആഡിട്ടൊറിയം, പഴവങ്ങാടി, ഈസ്റ്റ്‌ ഫോര്‍ട്ട്‌ തിരുവനന്തപുരം. The Kerala Lottery Department will soon announce the Pournami Lottery Result 21/5/2017.

Download Today Pournami Lottery RN 288 Result 21.5.2017 PDF

You can download Pournami Lottery Today Result in Word Format and PDF Format. The Pournami Lottery RN 288 result today PDF download link is available. This പൌര്‍ണമി Pournami Lottery RN288 Results PDF includes a list of Pournami Lottery RN288 results, winners, Today Pournami Lottery Prize money.

Pournami Lottery RN 288 ResultLive Kerala Lottery Results PDF (Pournami Lottery Result 21.5.2017 (RN-288) PDF )

Pournami RN-288 Lottery prize money winners are requested to verify your Kerala Pournami lottery Result RN 288 ticket numbers by the Kerala State Lottery official Gazette and you have to surrender the winning tickets within 30 days.

Kerala Lottery Result Pournami RN 288 21.5.2017- പൌര്‍ണമി Kerala Lottery Result

Check Today Lottery Result Pournami RN 288 for Lucky Winner list and Prize money details along with locations. Today Pournami Lottery result (RN 288) draw held on Sree Chitra Home Auditorium, Trivandrum, Kerala. You can get Live Kerala Lottery Result Pournami 288 daily updated here. പൌര്‍ണമി Pournami Lottery Result 21.5.2017 details, Draw venue prize structure, etc are published here. Refer Pournami Lottery RN 288 Results for first prize winner, second prize, third prize, etc. here. Check out Kerala Lottery Result Today along with all details like Lottery winner numbers and agents commissions. Get Kerala Lottery Result Today 21-5-2017 (Pournami Lottery Result) Online.

Pournami Lottery Result RN 288 – Kerala Lottery ticket Result 21.5.2017

We also make a prediction of the Pournami lottery result 21.5.2017 Online and publish it daily. You can also download Karunya Lottery Result 20.5.2017 i.e Kerala Lottery Result yesterday (ഇന്നലത്തെ ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി നറുക്കെടുപ്പ് ഫലം). Refer this Pournami Lottery RN 288 result Today May 21st to test your luck. You can also download Today Kerala Pournami Lottery result. If you buy Pournami Lottery RN 288 tickets, then refer this RN 288 Pournami lottery result today Online. Get today Pournami Lottery Draw No. 288 Result Online at 4.30pm. പൌര്‍ണമി Pournami Lottery RN 288 Result of Kerala state Lottery 288th draw will be held on 21-5-2017.

Today’s Kerala State Lottery Result 21/5/2017 (Pournami 288 result) available here. Have you buy today Kerala Lottery Result Pournami RN 288 and searching for the പൌര്‍ണമി Pournami 288 Lottery 21.5.2017 Result? Then here you can get heart’s content regarding the Today Pournami Lottery Result. Find out Kerala Lottery Result Pournami RN 288 from the officials of Kerala State Lotteries sharp at 4.00 pm.

How to claim Kerala Pournami Lottery (RN-288) Result held on 21.5.2017?

  1. Get TodayPournamil Lottery winner RN288 need to fill a claim application.
  2. Self Attested photocopy or Xerox of Pournami Kerala Lottery ticket Result both sides.
  3. Attest Two Passport size photographs of the Lottery Winner by the Notary/Gazetted Officer.
  4. Take Pournami Lottery RN288 receipt for the Lottery prize in the prescribed form.
  5. And an attach with a Rs.1/- revenue stamp along with the full address of the Today Kerala Lottery Winner.
  6. If Today Pournami Lottery RN 288 Winner is a minor, he needs a get a Guardianship certificate from.
  7. The Kerala lottery Result 21.5.2017 candidate has to submit a PAN Card Self-attested copy.
  8. Attach a Proof of Identity ( such as Attested copy of Ration Card, Passport, Driving License, Voter ID Card etc.)

Live Pournami Lottery Result 21-5-2017

Check Result of Pournami Lottery RN 288 on 21/5/2017 from 4.00 PM onwards. Get Kerala Lottery Result Today 21-5-2017 Pournami lottery RN288 results here. Refer this Kerala Lottery Results Today Pournami 21-5-2017 Here. If you won from Kerala Lottery ticket Result be careful to claim (Pournami Lottery 21.5.2017) prize money. All the lottery winning participants requested to claim Pournami Lottery Prize money within 30 days from the date of the Pournami Lottery Result announcement. Stay tuned to our site www.keralalottery.co.in for More about regarding the Kerala Lottery Result latest updates.

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