Karunya Lotttery KR-322 Result 02.12.2017 | Live Kerala Lottery Results Karunya KR322

Karunya Lottery KR322 Result 02.12.2017 Live Alerts…!!! Kerala State Lottery Department announces the Karunya Lottery Result KR 322. Today Kerala Lottery Result Live updates for Karunya Lottery KR-322 start at 3.00 P.M. Have you completed the Karunya KR322 Kerala Lottery Ticket Purchase? And now waiting for the Karunya Lottery Result KR 322? Directorates of Kerala State Lotteries declares the Kerala State Lottery Results Today Karunya at 4.00 P.M. 2nd December 2017 Kerala Lottery Live Draw held at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium, Kerala. Download Kerala Lottery Results Today Pdf to view Karunya Lottery KR 322 Winning Numbers. Check Kerala Lottery Last Three Number Tips along with the Kerala 3 Number Lottery Result for Karunya KR322. On every Saturday, Karunya Lottery Result (KR-322) releases. Let’s have a look at Kerala Lottery Ticket Result 02.12.2017, i.e., Karunya Lottery Result Today KR322 in the following sections.

02.12.2017 Karunya Lottery Result KR 322 – Kerala Lottery Result Today കാരുണ്യ

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Prize I – Rs. 7,500,000/-

(Seventy-Five Lakh Rupees)

KD 148884 (KOTTAYAM)

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Consolation Prize – Rs. 10,000/-

(Ten Thousand Rupees)

KA 148884

KB 148884

KC 148884

KE 148884

KF 148884

KG 148884

KH 148884

KJ 148884

KK 148884

KL 148884

KM 148884

Prize II – Rs. 1,000,000/-

(Ten Lakh Rupees)

KM 664991 (PALAKKAD)

Prize III – Rs. 100,000/-

(One Lakh Rupees)

KB 758445 (KOTTAYAM)
KC 411761 (THRISSUR)
KD 639946 (THRISSUR)
KE 633204 (THRISSUR)
KG 285706 (WAYANAD)
KJ 666322 (PALAKKAD)
KK 427571 (PALAKKAD)
KL 616416 (KOTTAYAM)
KM 643340 (THRISSUR)

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(For the കാരുണ്യ ലോട്ടറി KR322 Kerala Lottery Ticket Results ending with the following numbers)

Prize IV – Rs. 5,000/-

(Five Thousand Rupees)

1316 2465 4336 4875 5874
6263 7408 8043 9310

Prize V – Rs. 2,000/-

(Two Thousand Rupees)

0149 1945 2901 3851 3920
4498 4700 4999 5641 7202
9697 9876

Prize VI – Rs. 1,000/-

(One Thousand Rupees)

0235 0491 1099 1119 1306
1467 1996 2147 2180 2717
2858 3044 3099 3336 3503
3641 4197 4897 4928 5446
5610 5666 6153 7103 7617
7880 8041 8631 8946 9543
9800 9943

Prize VII – Rs. 500/-

(Five Hundred Rupees)

0549 0578 0716 1547 1876
1878 2481 2678 2994 3072
3250 3316 3357 3590 3890
3894 4432 4976 4991 5090
5206 5436 5744 5881 5957
5994 6114 6691 7340 7559
8007 8444 8461 8603 8767
8974 9015 9161

Prize VIII – Rs. 100/-

(One Hundred Rupees)

0068 0071 0190 0265 0301
0317 0536 0557 0618 0753
0766 0868 0870 1006 1013
1413 1480 1662 1726 1943
2111 2258 2468 2544 2632
2684 2828 2886 3095 3199
3464 3475 3573 3673 3830
4139 4177 4199 4235 4447
4561 4569 5055 5071 5216
5266 5396 5509 5601 5703
5785 5844 5933 5964 6005
6011 6086 6253 6500 6591
6673 7113 7137 7175 7280
7491 7738 7912 7954 8061
8218 8301 8340 8378 8544
8818 8906 9254 9259 9276
9570 9739

Karunya Lottery Result Today KR322

From 3.00 P.M. onwards, all the active participants can check out the Kerala Lottery Results Today Live Updates. 02.12.2017 Karunya Lottery KR322 Result announce at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram. Right now, the Today Kerala Lottery Result 02.12.2017 is the most awaited moment for the Kerala State citizens. Finally, the day has arrived. On this Saturday, the Kerala State Government will publish the Kerala Lottery with the help of Karunya Lottery Results Today KR-322 Pdf, you can quickly check your Kerala Lottery Lucky Number. Don’t forget to view the Karunya KR322 Kerala Lottery Guessing Number. The Kerala Lottery Result Details, i.e., Kerala Karunya Lottery Result KR 322 uploaded here as per the Kerala Lottery Department. As early as possible, you will get the Kerala Lottery Result 02.12.2017.

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Karunya Lottery KR322 Result – കാരുണ്യ KR-322 Lottery Results

To bring good luck for every family in the Kerala State, the concept of Kerala Lotteries was implemented. From Sunday to Saturday, there is a chance for you to test your luck. In brief, there are 7 weekly lotteries along with 6 bumper lotteries. Karunya Lottery is one among the 7 keralastatelotteries which offer the highest prize money of 75 Lakh Rupees. Kerala Lottery Number Calculator available here. With the help of it, you can find out the Karunya Lottery Results KR 322. Look at the Last Week Kerala Lottery Ticket Result Karunya KR321. 02.12.2017 Kerala Lottery Result Karunya KR322. Kerala State Lottery Department releases the complete Today Kerala Lottery Results in between 4.00 P.M. – 4.15 P.M. Check Kerala Lottery Number Prediction along with the Kerala 3 Number Lottery Result for Karunya Lottery KR-322 at keralalottery.co.in

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For the full Kerala Lottery Today Results KR 322, once refresh the Karunya Lottery KR322 Result. Along with the prize money, there is one more exciting part of the Karunya Kerala Lottery. It’s nothing but the Kerala Lottery Ticket Rate. Buy the Karunya Lottery KR 322 Ticket at just 30 Rupees and win up to Seventy Five Lakh Rupees. The information about Kerala Lottery Results Karunya KR-322 available on www.keralalotteries.com, i.e., Kerala Lottery Official Website. Yesterday Kerala Lottery Result Nirmal Lottery NR46 provided for all the active participants. There are 8 excellent prizes along with a consolation prize for the കാരുണ്യ ലോട്ടറി KR322 winners. Kerala State Lottery Result Today Karunya KR 322 1st prize-winner will gain a 75 Lakh Rupees worth prize money. For bright idea about the prize money that the 2nd to 8th prize-holders will get through the 02.12.2017 Kerala Lottery Result Today KR 322.

Kerala Lottery Results Today Pdf – Karunya Lottery Results KR 322

Find the Kerala Lottery Winning Numbers easily with the help of Karunya Lottery Results Today KR322 Pdf. Today Kerala Lottery Results Pdf Download for Karunya Lottery KR-322 available at free of cost. To view the complete, the Karunya Kerala State Lottery Results KR 322 then access the Kerala Lottery Result Pdf link. Our team at keralalottery.co.in, provides a the Kerala Lottery Today Result KR322 without an error. Get the Kerala Lottery Number Tricks for all the keralalotteries. Tomorrow Kerala Lottery Lucky Number,i.e., Pournami Lottery RN316 is also here. The Karunya Lottery KR322 Result Pdf that you’re going to download is on the Kerala Lottery Official Site. The Kerala Lottery Ticket Result Pdf includes the information regarding Karunya Lottery KR 322 Winning Numbers, prize structure and winning list. At sharp 4.00 P.M., the Kerala Lottery Result Today KR322 will publish on Kerala Government Gazette.

Download Karunya Kerala Lottery Today Results KR-322 Pdf

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02.12.2017 Kerala Karunya Lottery Result KR 322 Pdf

Kerala Lottery Result Karunya KR 322 uploaded. After the Kerala Lottery Today Result Karunya KR322 release, once verify the winning numbers with the Karunya Lottery Results KR-322. If you won the prize-money in the Today Kerala Lottery Result 02.12.2017 then you have to claim for it. The claiming procedure starts from 02.12.2017 to 02.01.2018. Few people don’t know, how this process goes on. Are you the one among them? That’s why, we the team of keralalottery.co.in providing simple steps to claim the prize money.

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How to claim 02.12.2017 Kerala Lottery Result prize money?.

  1. To claim the prize money that you won in the 02.12.2017 Karunya Lottery Result KR322, you have to fill the claim application.
  2.  A Claim application along with the xerox copy of Karunya Lottery KR 322 Ticket on both sides.
  3. Also, you should have 2 passport size photos of yours that are attested by Notary/ Gazetted Officer.
  4. If the Karunya Kerala State Lottery Result KR322 prize-winner is a minor, then Guardianship certificate is necessary.
  5. In case, if there are any joint claims, one of the Today Kerala Lottery Result 02.12.2017 prize-winners all allowed to receive the money. Also, they should have a Rs. 50/- worth  Joint Declaration Stamp paper.
  6. At last, for the identification process, you should have a self-attested copy of PAN Card, Ration/ Voter ID Card, etc.

Karunya Lottery KR322 Result

02.12.2017 Karunya Lottery Result Today KR322 – Kerala Lottery Ticket Result Karunya

Kerala Lottery Result Live for Karunya Lottery KR 322 releases at 3.00 P.M. but the complete Karunya Lottery Today Result announces at 4.00 P.M. All the Best for the Kerala Lottery Today Result KR-322. After the verification of Kerala Lottery Most Winning Numbers, you are advised to submit the Karunya Lottery (KR-322) winning tickets within 30 days. Know the Kerala Lottery Winning Formula, and the win in Karunya Lottery KR322 Result is yours. Not only the Kerala Lottery Results Today, but also you can get the Kerala State Lottery Results for other keralalotteries. All the Best for Kerala Lottery Result Today KR322. For the Kerala Lottery Ticket Results daily, visit keralalottery.co.in regularly.

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