Today Akshaya Lottery AK-320 Result | 22.11.2017 Kerala Lottery Result അക്ഷയ AK320

Akshaya Lottery AK320 Result 22.11.2017 Today Live @ 3.00 P.M.!!! Today Kerala Lottery Result Live Updates for Akshaya Lottery (AK-320) available. Kerala Government officially announces the Akshaya Lottery Result AK 320. Check Akshaya Lottery Winning Numbers in Kerala Lottery Result Today AK320. Kerala Lottery Department declares the Akshaya Lottery Result Today at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium. Download Kerala Lottery Results Today Pdf for Akshaya Lottery Results AK-320. If you already made the 22nd November 2017 Akshaya Kerala Lottery Online Purchase then its the time to find out Kerala State Lottery Results Today. Verify your Kerala Lottery Lucky Number Today in the Akshaya Lottery Results AK 320. View the Akshaya Kerala Lottery Ticket Result (AK320) along with the Kerala 3 Number Lottery Result here. On every Wednesday, the Akshaya Kerala Lottery Result will release exactly at 4.00 P.M. Get Kerala Lottery Today Result AK320 details, i.e., Akshaya Lottery Result 22.11.2017.

22.11.2017 Akshaya Lottery Result AK 320 – Kerala Lottery Results Akshaya

Prize I – Rs. 5,000,000/-

(Fifty Lakh Rupees)

AW 273969 (WAYANAD)

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Consolation Prize – Rs. 10,000/-

(Ten Thousand Rupees)

AN 273969

AO 273969

AP 273969

AR 273969

AS 273969

AT 273969

AU 273969

AV 273969

AX 273969

AY 273969

AZ 273969

Prize II – Rs. 200,000/-

(Two Lakh Rupees)


AO 771482 (THRISSUR)


AR 751426 (KOTTAYAM)

AS 242655 (KOTTAYAM)

AT 863473 (KOTTAYAM)


AV 553451 (THRISSUR)

AW 509439 (KOLLAM)

AX 789604 (PALAKKAD)

AY 574924 (PALAKKAD)

AZ 354592 (KOTTAYAM)

Prize III – Rs. 100,000/-

(One Lakh Rupees)

AN 291064 (THRISSUR)






AU 321683 (KOLLAM)



AX 712495 (WAYANAD)



kerala lottery Result

(For the അക്ഷയ ലോട്ടറി AK-320 Kerala Lottery Ticket Results ending with the following numbers)

Prize IV – Rs. 5,000/-

(Five Thousand Rupees)

1360 1595 2240 2946 3985
5543 7615 9020 9529

Prize V – Rs. 2,000/-

(Two Thousand Rupees)

1939 2400 3138 3870 5199
5947 6626 6852 7405 7506
8909 8986

Prize VI – Rs. 1,000/-

(One Thousand Rupees)

0492 1291 1690 1876 2047
2086 2174 2310 2559 2785
2825 2899 3106 3117 3127
3593 4228 4526 5248 5366
5781 5802 6223 6229 6653
6664 7221 7390 7941 7983
9095 9935

Prize VII – Rs. 500/-

(Five Hundred Rupees)

0048 0235 0461 0520 0522
0541 0779 1199 1601 1941
2132 2290 2427 2477 2764
2776 2911 3255 3862 4448
5295 5346 5463 5715 6674
6747 6953 7158 7313 7488
7899 7977 8010 8130 8138
8162 8382 8532 8689 9153
9364 9925

Prize VIII – Rs. 100/-

(One Hundred Rupees)

0466 0500 0579 0697 0725
0905 0945 1048 1090 1458
1736 1887 1894 2005 2024
2152 2396 2548 2606 2612
2625 2679 2803 2932 3017
3534 3589 3591 3659 3827
3940 4238 4279 4347 4349
4361 4450 4738 4753 4807
4976 5000 5086 5271 5288
5322 5392 5492 5669 5721
5780 5843 5865 5883 5971
6270 6371 6484 6516 6843
6900 7013 7038 7070 7143
7372 7464 7499 7609 7673
7719 7773 7817 7840 7880
8168 8260 8352 8543 8946
9107 9252 9571 9821 9941

Akshaya Lottery Result Today AK320

Akshaya Lottery AK320 Result Live Updates are available for all the active participants in Kerala Lottery Today Result here. The Directorates of Kerala State Lotteries releases the 22.11.2017 Kerala Lottery Result Today at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram. To check the Kerala Lottery Most Winning Numbers in an easier way, download Akshaya Lottery Results (AK-320). View the Kerala Lottery Last Three Number Tips in the Kerala Lottery Result Akshaya for sure. Are you the who have taken part in the Today Kerala Lottery Results Akshaya AK320? And eagerly waiting for the Akshaya Lottery Results release? If yes, this Budhan, i.e., on ബുധൻ you will get the Kerala State Lottery Result Akhaya between 4.00 P.M. to 4.15 P.M. Find ou the Kerala Lottery Results Today AK 320 without an error in the forthcoming sections.

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 Akshaya Lottery AK320 Result – Kerala Lottery Result Today Akshaya

Check out the Live Kerala Lottery Result for Akshaya Lottery AK-320 from 3.00 P.M. onwards on this Wednesday. Our team at provided the Kerala Lottery Today Result Akshaya AK320 as per the Kerala Lottery Official members. Even though the Live Kerala Lottery Result for Akshaya Lottery Result AK 320 starts at 3.00 P.M. but the complete Akshaya Lottery AK20 Result will release at 4.00 P.M. We the team of provided the Last Week Kerala Lottery Result Akshaya AK319 for all the active participants. Test your luck through Kerala State Lotteries from Sunday to Saturday. Akshaya Lottery, one of the 7 keralaotteries which offers a prize money upto Fifty Lakh Rupees for all the Kerala Lottery Ticket Result prize-holders. For the full Kerala State Lottery Result Today, once reload the 22.11.2017 അക്ഷയ ലോട്ടറി Kerala Results page.

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Akshaya Lottery AK320 Result will release as early as possible. Irrespective of age, anyone can take part in these Kerala Lotteries. The exciting and attracting part in the keralastatelotteries is their Kerala Lottery Ticket Rate. When it comes to the Akshaya Kerala Lottery, the ticket costs just 30 Rupees. For all the Kerala State citizens, the Today Kerala Lottery Result 22.11.2017 is the most awaited moment. Finally, their wait is going to over. Because the Kerala State Lottery Department is ready to release the Kerala Lottery Ticket Result 22.11.2017, i.e., Akshaya Lottery Result AK 320. Yesterday Kerala Lottery Result, i.e., SthreeSakthi SS81 uploaded. കേരള സംസ്ഥാന ലോട്ടറി ഫലങ്ങൾ (Kerala State Lottery Results 22.11.2017) for Akshaya Lottery soon display on Get an error-free Kerala Lottery Today Results AK-320. View the Akshaya Lottery Results Today (AK-320) with Kerala Lottery Number Calculator.

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Kerala Lottery Result Akshaya AK-320 Pdf – അക്ഷയ Lottery Result Today

One easier way to find out the Akshaya Lottery AK320 Today Lucky Number is nothing but the Kerala Lottery Results Today Pdf. 22.11.2017 Kerala Lottery Result Pdf for Akshaya Lottery AK320 now available at free of cost. Access the Akshaya Lottery Today Result Pdf (AK-320) quick link that is uploaded below. Look at the Tomorrow Kerala Lottery Lucky Number, i.e., Karunya Plus Lottery KN 188 at In the Kerala Lottery Result Pdf, there are Akshaya Lottery ticket numbers, winning Numbers, prize structure and so on. There is a chance to win upto 50 Lakh Rupees in Akshaya Lottery AK320 Result. The 1st prize-winner in the 22.11.2017 Kerala Lottery Result will be awarded a prize money of worth 50 Lakhs. 1 Lakh for a 2nd prize, Rs. 5,000/- for 3rd prize, etc. with a consolation prize of Rs. 10,000/- for 11 members in Today Kerala Lottery Results AK320.

Download Akshaya Lottery Result Today AK-320 Pdf

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 22.11.2017 Akshaya Today Kerala Lottery Result AK 320 Pdf

Kerala State Lottery Results Today – 22.11.2017 Akshaya Lottery Results AK-320

22.11.2017 Kerala Lottery Result Today for Akshaya Lottery AK-320 uploaded here.Know the  Kerala Lottery Number Prediction for Akshaya Lottery AK320. To get a bright idea about the Akshaya Lottery Results AK 320 prize money, once check the Kerala Lottery Prize Structure. You are advised to verify the Kerala Lottery Winning Numbers with the Akshaya Lottery Result AK-320 that is published in Kerala Government Gazette. After the Kerala Lottery Ticket Result Akshaya Today (AK-320) release, submit the Akshaya Kerala Lottery winning tickets to Kerala Lottery Department within the 30 days of a grace period. In case, if you won the prize money in the Kerala Lottery Today Result then you have to claim it. The claim period for Akshaya Lottery Today Result AK320 starts from 22.11.2017 to 22.12.2017.

Akshaya Lottery AK320 Result

At any time from 4.00 P.M. to 4.15 P.M. Today Kerala Lottery Result 22.11.2017, i.e., Akshaya Lottery AK320 Result will release by Kerala State Government. If you are waiting for the Kerala Lottery Results Today Akshaya (AK-320), then wait for few more seconds. Because the time is ticking to 4.00 P.M. So, don’t miss any chance to test your luck in Today’s Lottery Result. Not only the Akshaya Lottery Results but also we at providing the Kerala Lottery Ticket Results for other kerala lotteries. Also, know the Kerala Lottery Winning Formula and the win in Today Akshaya Lottery Result AK320 is yours. All the Best for Kerala Lottery Wednesday, i.e., for Kerala State Lottery Results Akshaya AK320 from our team. Next Akshaya Lottery Draw (AK-321) will be held on 29.11.2017 at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium, Kerala.

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