Akshaya AK 301 Lottery Result 12.7.2017 | Kerala Lottery Result Today Live

Akshaya Lottery AK 301 Result 12.7.2017: Are you searching for Today Kerala Lottery Today Results Akshaya AK301? Just like you, all the Kerala citizens are eagerly looking for the 12.7.2017 Akshaya Lottery Result today. We upload the Kerala Lottery Result Today Akshaya (AK-301) Live at 4 PM. Kerala state Lottery Department conducts 7 Weekly Lotteries and 6 Bumper Lotteries to encourage Poor Families. You can Download Kerala Lottery Ticket Results Today Akshaya AK301 pdf to check Kerala 3 Number Lottery result. We also publish Kerala Lottery most winning Numbers today Akshaya AK 301 Lottery from Kerala Lottery Department official website keralalotteries.com. We at Keralalottery.co.in upload the Akshaya Lottery AK 301 Result 8-07-2017 today live update from 4 PM. Let us check out the 12.7.2017 Akshaya Lottery Results Today AK-301 to know Kerala Lottery today Lucky Number.

Kerala Lottery Result Akshaya (AK-301) – 12.7.2017 Akshaya Lottery Result Today

1st Prize- Rs. 5,000,000/- 

50 Lakh Rupees


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Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/-

10 Thousand Rupees

AA 179905

AB 179905

AC 179905

AD 179905

AE 179905

AG 179905

AH 179905

AJ 179905

AK 179905

AL 179905

2nd Prize- Rs. 200,000/-

2 Lakhs Rupees




AD 695988 (KOTTAYAM)



AH 301601 (PALAKKAD)



AL 496178 (PALAKKAD) 

3rd Prize- Rs. 100,000/-

1 Lakhs Rupees 

 AA 380926 (THRISSUR)



AD 761139 (THRISSUR)

AE 128534 (IDUKKI)



AJ 634467 (KANNUR)

AK 287456 (WAYANAD)

AL 881515 (KANNUR)

(For the Kerala Akshaya AK-301 Lottery tickets ending the following Numbers)

4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/-

5 Thousand Rupees

0817 1892 2751 3882 4411

4889 6086 7275 7316 7325

5th Prize- Rs. 2,000/-

2 Thousand Rupees 

1184 1905 1935 2658 2921

3477 4901 6492 7557 8066

8910 9338

6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/-

1 Thousand Rupees 

0089 0317 1285 1417 1435

1983 2172 2515 2591 3222

3278 3505 3532 4855 5020

5276 5346 5579 5674 6174

6463 6652 6740 6797 6937

8575 8695 8712 9273 9707

9826 9930

7th Prize- Rs. 500/-

5 Hundred Rupees

0216 0635 0728 0771 0803

1126 1194 1260 1560 1810

1919 2810 3073 3927 3937

4992 5474 5534 5535 6042

6069 6415 6844 6910 6948

7143 7148 7352 7374 7711

\7802 8419 8650 8658 8690

8806 8930 8977 9043 9358

9467 9608

8th Prize- Rs. 100/-

 1 Hundred Rupees

0294 0343 0399 0403 0925

0932 0957 1038 1348 1362

1730 1819 1867 2191 2229

2306 2402 2427 2646 2703

2826 2840 2850 2942 3080

3182 3242 3297 3401 3455

3481 3575 3588 3694 4219

4422 4495 4668 4730 5058

5073 5090 5230 5310 5350

5404 5483 5571 5873 5920

6036 6221 6702 6885 7346

7375 7503 7628 7679 7813

7828 7915 8033 8045 8114

8188 8217 8653 8706 8729

8837 8968 9038 9092 9113

9158 9247 9269 9323 9391

9751 9783

To get Kerala 3 Number Lottery result Akshaya 301 Just Reload this 12.7.2017 Kerala Lottery Results (AK-301) page. From 4 PM Onwards, the Kerala State Lotteries Department will declare the Akshaya Lottery Today Result Kerala AK301 live. Refer these 12th July 2017 Kerala Lottery Today guessing Number for Kerala Akshaya Lottery Result. We upload the Akshaya Lottery AK 301 Result along with 12-7-2017 Kerala Lottery Today Guessing Number. All participants of Kerala Lotteries have to check Today Kerala Lottery Results Akshaya with the result with an official from @keralalotteries.com. Just follow these tips 12.7.2017 Kerala Lottery last three Number tips to win Kerala Lottery Ticket Results Akshaya (AK-301). Here we make Kerala Lottery Number Prediction know 12.7.2017 Kerala Lottery Today Lucky Number for Akshaya Lottery AK-301.

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12.7.2017 Akshaya Lottery Result Today – Kerala Lottery Result AK301

Check out 12th July 2017 Kerala Lottery Number tricks to win today Akshaya Lottery Result AK301. The Kerala Lotteries Department at Sree Chitra Home Auditorium issues Akshaya Lottery AK 301 Result Today live on 4.00 PM. Use this Kerala Lottery Number Calculator to get Today Kerala Lottery guessing Number for AKSHAYAAK301. We at Keala Lottery Daily update the 12.7.2017 Kerala Lottery Today guessing Number for Akshaya Lottery AK 301 Result. Get 12.7.2017  Kerala Lottery Today Lucky Number for Akshaya Lottery AK 301 Results in the following section. Check out Kerala Lottery Today Result Akshaya AK-301 every week without any mistakes. 12th July 2017 Kerala 3 Number Lottery results for Akshaya Lottery AK301. We upload Kerala Lottery last three Number tips for Today Akshaya Lottery Results AK-301.

Akshaya Lottery Result Today - 12.7.2017 Kerala Lottery Result Akshaya Image

Every Week on Wednesday Kerala Lottery Department conducts 12.7.2017 അക്ഷയ Akshaya Lottery AK301 draw as schedules. Today Kerala Lottery Akshaya AK 301 Ticket price is Rs. 50/-. But if you won today Akshaya Lottery Result then you can get upto Rs. 50 lakh Rupees as the first prize. Are you searching for Kerala Lottery Result AKSHAYA (AK-301) Today? Then refer Today Kerala Lottery Winning Number along with Akshaya Lottery Result AK-301. We update this Today അക്ഷയ  Akshaya Lottery AK301 Result page draw as official results released by Kerala State Lottery Department. That’s Why here we upload the live and latest updates on Kerala State Lottery Results Akshaya AK 301. Just Reload this page (F5) to look at the New added Kerala State Lottery Results Today Akshaya AK301 from Kerala Lottery official site.

Download Kerala Akshaya Lottery AK-301 Result 12.7.2017 PDF

Get Kerala Akshaya Lottery Results Today AK301 PDF free download link. Check this Kerala Lottery Winning Numbers PDF for Akshaya Kerala Lottery Result (AK301). All the participants of Kerala Lotteries can check today Akshaya Lottery Result AK301 here. Download 12.7.2017 Akshaya Lottery Results Kerala live from 4 PM Onwards. Check 12th July 2017 Kerala Lottery last three Number tips for അക്ഷയ ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി Results Kerala. So hurry up find out Kerala State Lottery Result Akshaya AK301 ticket number from official live toady on 4.00PM at Sree Chitra Home Auditorium, Thiruvananthapuram. All citizens of Kerala State are more interested towards 12.7.2017 Akshaya Lottery Results Today.

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Akshaya Lottery AK 301 Result

12.7.2017 Kerala Lottery Results Akshaya AK 301 PDF

Here you are allowed to download Akshaya Lottery AK 301 Result. Updated 12.7.2017 Kerala Lottery Today Result Akshaya (AK-301) Kerala Lottery guessing number Today. Here you can also get this 12.7.2017 Kerala അക്ഷയ Lottery 301 Result PDF which announced officially at www.keralalotteries.com. Kerala State Lottery Result Akshaya നിർമൽ at 4.00 PM to announce Kerala Lottery today guessing number. Get the complete Kerala Akshaya Lottery Results Today live updates along with 12.7.2017 അക്ഷയ ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി as declared by the officials.  And all the participants have to surrender the Kerala State Lottery Winning Numbers to the officials within 30 days.

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Akshaya Lottery AK 301 Result – 12.7.2017 അക്ഷയ ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി AK 301

Kerala State Lottery participants who won a prize from Akshaya Lottery should claim the prize money. Check out Akshaya Lottery Result Today AK 301 live at 4 PM from Sree Chitra Home Auditorium by the directorates of Kerala State Lotteries. Find out Kerala Lottery Results Today Akshaya AK 301 evening by 4 PM. Check out Akshaya Lottery AK 301 Result in the following section. oday ay At Sree Chitra HomKerala Lottery Result  Auditorium, the Kerala State Gazette will announce the 12th July 2017 Akshaya Lottery Result.  The Grace Period for Akshaya Lottery AK-301 is 30 days from the date of the Kerala Lottery AK301 Result announcement made.The Akshaya Lottery Result AK 301 Grace Period starts from 12-7-2017 to 10-8-2017 (30days). All the Kerala Akshaya Lottery participants requested to make Kerala Lottery prize claim of AK301 within the Grace Period of 30 days.

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Akshaya Lottery Today Result 12.7.2017- Kerala Lottery Akshaya AK301 Result

Simply follow these steps to download Akshaya Lottery Results Today PDF and Kerala Lottery ticket online purchase. If you are already making a Kerala state Lottery Akshaya (AK-301) and searching for the Result then download this PDF. Also, check out Kerala 3 Number Lottery result for Akshaya Lottery AK-301. All participants of Akshaya AK 301 are in search of Kerala Lottery Results Today. Get latest updates on 12-7-2017 Kerala Lottery Results Akshaya AK-301. Refer these steps for How to claim Kerala Lottery prize for Akshaya AK 301?.

Refer Akshaya Lottery Result Today live updates here along with Kerala Lottery Kerala Lottery guessing Number tomorrow for Karunya Plus Lottery KN 169 Result 13.7.2017. We upload daily updates on Kerala Lottery Results Akshaya AK301. Check out Kerala lottery AKSHAYA AK301 Result daily from 3 PM to 5 PM. We Update Kerala Lottery Today Result Akshaya 301 Draw details along with 12.7.2017 Kerala Lottery Today Lucky Number in the following section.

Akshaya Lottery AK 301 Result 12.7.2017 - Kerala State Lottery Result Today Image

How to Download Today Kerala Lottery Result Akshaya AK301?

  1. Log on to Kerala Lottery Official Site www.keralalotteries.com/ or https://kerala.gov.in/.
  2. Now you can see the Kerala State Lotteries official site home page.
  3. In the Kerala Lotteries Home page, you can “Result View” Tab in the Top Menu.
  4. Or Just Click on the Lottery Result Tab in the middle of the Home Page.
  5. Now you can view the “Latest 10 Lottery Draw Results” Table.
  6. In this Table, you can check Kerala State Lottery Result Akshaya (AK-301).
  7. From 4 PM onwards you can check the AKSHAYA (AK-301) 12/07/2017.
  8. Click on View Link to get Akshaya Lottery Result Today AK301.
  9. A Kerala Lottery Akshaya AK 301 Result PDF will open.
  10. Search for your lottery number in the 12.7.2017 AKSHAYA LOTTERY RESULT Today PDF.
  11. Just Use Find (Ctrl+F), to search your Today Akshaya Lottery Ticket Number in Result PDF.
  12. From 3 PM Onwards, we update the Kerala 3 Number Lottery Result for 12.7.2017 Akshaya AK 301.
  13. Download Kerala Lottery Results Today Akshaya AK-301 PDF for Future use.

Note: If you Today Akshaya Lottery AK 301 winner is a minor, then he has to submit a Guardianship certificate from to the Kerala State Lottery Department. For more about Akshaya Lottery Result 12.7.2017 from Kerala Lotteries. Just Bookmark (Ctrl+D) our site for more about Kerala Lottery Result live updates. Visit our site keralalottery.co.in for more live updates on Kerala Lottery Results Akshaya AK 301 12.7.2017.

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